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    The NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde supports the social and economic development of very deprived communities in Africa, Asia, Haiti and France. These people are helped to create businesses, access energy and adapt to climate change.

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    Social microfinance

    Entrepreneurs du Monde offers social microfinance, allowing the very poorest to access financial services, develop an income-generating activity
    and improve their living conditions.

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    Support to very small businesses

    Entrepreneurs du Monde supports and encourages the poorest to develop a very small business and helps them to enter the world of work, so that they can begin creating work and escaping from poverty.

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    Access to energy

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    Entrepreneurs du Monde prioritises agriculture in its work. We provide agricultural training, loans adapted to the harvest cycle and granaries for storage; we also seek to strengthen the farming sector.

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    The essential


    Sierra Leone – Discovery of Munafa in Sierra Leone

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    The NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde supports the social and economic inclusion of people living in extreme poverty in Africa, Asia, Haiti and France. It assists them with entrepreneurship, access to energy, and adaptation to climate change, helping them to empower themselves. In order to achieve its mission, Entrepreneurs du Monde creates and incubates local organisations until they reach autonomy in four areas: social microfinance, access to energy, support for the creation of Very Small Businesses (VSB’s)/professional inclusion and agro-entrepreneurship. Explore these programmes, country by country, using our interactive map.

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    Our Partners

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    Their testimonies

    Nolibeth, a ATECo beneficiary in Philippines

    « Every evening when it is dark I go to sell yogurts in the local streets. I take one of the portable kits and people see that the lights work well. »

    Jeannette, a ASSILASSIME beneficiary in the Togo

    "I’m 34 and I’m hearing impaired. My counsellor is fluent in sign language, I understand everything and I can truly benefit from the trainings, just like everyone else."


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    Thet Thet Tunet, a SOO beneficiary in Myanmar

    "Before, I was earning 90,000 kyats (€ 50) a month. Now, I earn more than 250,000 (€ 140). We are saving money to realise our dream: financing our children’s studies..."

    Sa Ath and Srey Ka, Chamroeun in Cambodia

    Sa Ath is thrilled: her older children were unable to go to school, so she moved mountains to make sure that her youngest daughter could have an education.

    Ablavi, MIVO Energie in Togo

    "I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from my customers and I would travel the whole country to promote MIVO Energie products if I were asked to!"

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